Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ugly As A Burnt Boot

And actually, I'd wear a burnt boot before I'd wear these.

These pants? Leggings? Ugly ass trainwreck? are from Miley Cyrus' new line of teen clothes at Wal-Mart. Mileyware. Bless her heart.

But being a teen of the 80's, I can't say too much. We had the stirrup pants, the leg warmers and the acid-washed jeans. Bless our hearts.

I know that every generation has its own fads as far as fashion goes. I just hope this one crashes and burns. You know, like our MC Hammer pants did.

You should not touch that.


  1. Don't forget your Aunt Linda pants!Ha,Ha!

  2. Those look like witch pants for Halloween. Oh my goodness...

  3. Those are FUGLY. But so is Miley. Also, wrestlers still wear Hammer pants. :D