Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Porch Inspiration!

What a cool idea to decorate pumpkins with upholstery tacks!

I LOVE these gilded pumpkins!

Martha Stewart. Of course.

I'm going to do something with my porch this weekend. I found these pictures so now I'm all inspired and stuff. I absolutely adore autumn. So while the commercial world all around me rushes Christmas, I'm taking my sweet time loving fall.


  1. Hey! I like all of them so mix it up!Just use the pumpkins and the mums. Good luck!You can do it!

  2. What is it about fall that we love so much. I think here in Georgia, it is the cripness of the air and the glimmer of the sun as well as the beautiful fall colors and those leaves falling so nicely on the grass, in the road and all over. Have a wonderful weekend.