Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hippie Dippy Crafty Day!

I went to a fall craft day this morning at the home of one of the nurses I work with. I had asked my Facebook friends earlier in the week for some ideas for an appetizer that I could take today and I went with Doghouse Dip! This recipe came from Dawn, my friend and local PartyLite candle lady. She's made this for candle parties that I've attended and it is SO good! It's called Doghouse Dip 'cause if you ever find yourself in the doghouse, this dip will sho' get you out!! It's chili mix, sour cream, cream cheese, corn and black bean salsa and shredded Mexican cheese. It'll knock your socks off and then put 'em back on for you. There were six of us ladies there, Lisa P, Lisa S, Heidi, Norma, Rosie and me. I work with five of them, everybody except Rosie. We had so much fun! And so much food!! We had my dip, a yummy Mexican dip, peach cobbler, chicken salad sammiches, a cold cuts, cracker and cheese platter and piggies in a blanket.

Here are two frames that Rosie and Heidi painted. They did such a great job! I was worried how my raggly little stuff was gonna look because I am not the least bit crafty. Ami got all the creative talent in our family!!

This is Rosie's frou frou pumpkin.

I LOVE it!!

Here's the pumpkin that I painted. I got a little foam one from Hobby Lobby so I could use it every year. It was Lisa P.'s idea to poke holes where I had painted berries and put a light inside. It's really pretty all lit up! Don't laugh at my leaves!

This is the picture frame that I painted. I have a picture of me and Ami that Brian took of us last year at the Fox in Atlanta when we went to see the play Wicked. I thought this frame would be perfect for that picture! And I can leave it out all year!

We had such a great time today! We're planning to do it again next month and make Christmas stuff.


  1. Ginger,you did a great job! You have keepsake crafts you made. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Those are awesome!!! I am so proud of you for gettin' crafty!! You totally should enter that pumpkin in Scrap n' Art's October Scrappy Pumpkins Challenge: for real!! It totally qualifies!

  3. Oh, and now that I know you have some Crafty in you, you and me are totally going to have craft days now. You been holdin' out, you crafty heifer.