Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Something Blue

I saw this meme on a blog I read and thought it would be a fun thing to write about. I didn't realize how hard it would be! You're supposed to come up with seven blue things that you love, are in your home or define your life in some way, things that make you you. This is what I came up with.

Larry's beautiful blue eyes. I can't think of another blue thing (or things!) that I love more than my husband's eyes. In them, I find comfort, protection, desire and so much love that it takes my breath away sometimes. I hope that if we ever have a child, he has his daddy's eyes. I really wish I had a better picture of Larry in his gray fire department uniform. That color makes his eyes POP! Mmm mmm mmmm, I could sop that boy up with a biscuit.

Another "blue" in my life that I don't love so much but it's there and it does define my life in a way would be the blues Larry and I get when we're not together. :( Thanks, baby, for coming up with that one!

The ocean! I am truly a beach baby.
I love every-thing about it, even getting sand you-know-where. Give me beautiful blue water, a chair and...

...a sunny blue sky and I'll stay out there all day. I'll come in looking just like a tomato but I'll be happy!

Blue jeans!
I'm almost always wearing jeans. Even when I'm not. :)

Blue cheese!
I could just eat this wedge UP.
Nom nom nom.

My blue sofa!
This is where you'll usually find me at night, camped out with my laptop.
This was fun! Now all you bloggers try to come up with seven blue things in your hearts, your lives or your homes!

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  1. This was fun to read--you must be a hoot in person. Grabbing your meme, girl! :-)