Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I'm chillin' (literally! It's cold!!) at home today. I needed the rest. I am not used to working this many months without a vacation! When I worked for Citi, I had been there so dang long that I had four weeks of vacation and five personal days every year. I haven't had a week off since February! I took three days off in May when me and Mama went to the beach but that's it. I'm tired!

Larry had a party planned for a buddy of his today so I stayed home and slept late. I slept 'til 11:00! I had to turn my heat on last night and add another quilt to the bed. This little cool snap has been sooooo nice!! I slept extremely late but I haven't been a total slug with the rest of the day. The leaves are really starting to fall in my backyard and I LOVE it!! When I first moved here almost seven years ago, I let them stress me out so much until I just couldn't stand to look at them. I would just keep my patio blind closed all the time. But now, now they are so beautiful to me. I just embraced them about four years ago and we're getting along SO much better now. I do rake 'em and use the leaf blower from time to time to keep them under control but I don't put near the effort into them that I did the first few falls I lived here. I like looking at them now. They're just doing what the Good Lord told them to do. Can't do anything but love that, right?

So I tidied up a little in the backyard, fed my birds and squirrels and cleaned the bird bath. It had gotten a little funky from all that rain we've had. I found a few walnuts that the squirrels hadn't and used them in some curry chicken salad for lunch. Yum!!

I watched a little of my girl, Paula Deen, and got so inspired that I spent two hours in the kitchen cooking! I made creamy chicken and rice, green beans and red potatoes, a big pot of gumbo and a pot of some of those fresh peas I got back in the summer. I steamed some brussels sprouts and fried some creamed corn. I am set for the week now!

This is what I did to my front porch. I love how the sun was shining so bright when I took the picture!


  1. When do we eat? Sounds good. The porch is so pretty with the sun shineing on your fall look. Enjoy the leaves. You are finally relaxing about the yard. Take care.

  2. Your porch looks pretty!! I like the leaves on the ground, too. All that food sounds good!

  3. Ginger, wait and see. Things always turn out for the best Try to have a good week. Love you.