Sunday, July 19, 2015

My pink dahlia bowl

I found a vintage 1946 Multi Products faux wooden bowl at Goodwill a couple of weeks ago for $2 and even though it was speckled with paint, I got it, thinking I could get the paint off of it and fix it.  Well, that proved to be harder than I thought and it ended up worse off than it was when I bought it.  :(

So I decided I would paint it and give it a new life.  I've never been crafty in my entire life.  Ami got all that talent in our family.  But since I painted the tiny picnic table we have and most recently, the birdbath, I built up some confidence to try to paint this bowl, too.

I wish I'd taken a before picture but since I didn't, I found this one on Etsy instead.  This is what the bowl looked like before somebody speckled it with red, green and yellow paint and dropped it off at the Goodwill on 96.  It really was a beautiful bowl!  And for the Multi Products company to produce a faux wooden (plastic) bowl in 1946 is just amazing to me.  They had no idea the evil that plastic would become and I didn't even realize that plastic was being used back then.

During my research, I found out that the flower in the middle is a dahlia and I chose to paint it pink, since that's my favorite color.  I painted the bowl white to start with and let it dry several days and this morning, I filled in the rest.  I think it turned out really pretty!

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  1. Ginger has more creativity in her pinky finger than most people do in their entire bodies! Beautiful visualization and follow-through on this project. LARRY