Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Adventures of Myrtle

Larry rescued this little box turtle from some dogs today and he brought her home, knowing I'd know what to do with her, being from the country and all.  :)  I have rescued turtles most of my life and I'll still stop and move one across the road if I see it.  I'll never forget the time I moved one as big around as a manhole cover.  She was heavy!

This is Myrtle and she spent the afternoon with us!

She hung out on the rug in the mudroom.

She met Tabbie Hoffman.  And Banjo.  But Banjo was scared of her and wouldn't get too close.

She loved the warm water of the newly painted birdbath!

She showed us her best alligator impersonation.

She frolicked in the grass.

And she spent the rest of the afternoon under the magnolia tree, in the cool water of Banjo's pool.

At dusk, we took her to a nearby lake and set her free.

Have a good life, Myrtle!  It was nice meeting you.

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  1. Ginger is to receive the Ellie Mae Clampett Critter Lover award, and this is just one small reason why. There's not a creature on the ark that Ginger won't love on if given a chance. Amazing spirit in this girl! LARRY