Monday, July 27, 2015

On the fence

We have this fabulous idea to decorate our backyard fence!  We started on it today.  We see things all the time at estate sales and yard sales that would be perfect.  We want to decorate it to reflect us, our personalities, our story, our life.  I want a window and shutters up there, a mermaid and a big rooster.  Larry wants a piece of stained glass. 

It all started with a big turquoise cross we got at a yard sale a few weeks ago.  We brought it home and when we talked about where we were going to put it, I said, "the fence".  And so that's where we put it.

Here's a little of what we did today!

 Larry painted this adorable little bird!!

And added a stem and leaves to my sunflower.

He made an arrow out of license plates we've collected and wrote "My Sunshine" with rope.  Awwww!  (We have no idea why some slats in our fence are painted red.  We have a plan to fix that, too.)

This was our work table!

Larry found a couple of huge rocks and we painted those, too!

But our masterpiece was this fish planter that we got at a yard sale last summer.  I love how he turned out!!

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  1. Ginger can do more with color than Crayola! She's this gentle whirlwind of ingenuity that weaves a tapestry out of something that would otherwise be very pedestrian. Awesome! LARRY