Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Summer Tea Cart


Now that the 4th has come and gone, I got started on a summertime tea cart.  This is what we've got so far.

A fishy, a little bit of blue, a pretty fluffy hydrangea, a starfish, pink flamingos, a sunflower, some oranges, seashells and a crab.  

It's a work in progress but I like how it's shaping up!

I think it needs a mermaid, though. 

This sweet little fish is actually a 1950's fish wall pocket.  I got him at an antique store for $5.  He's going on my bathroom wall when the fall tea cart goes up!  I just love that little face!!

I popped in at our local Salvation Army this afternoon and it's a good thing I did!  I found the most awesome 1960's dining room set with a huge table and six chairs for $90!  I loved it at first sight.  I loved the solid wood, the amazing quality you just don't find nowadays, the vintage atomic style of the chairs, every little thing about it.  I got home and googled it and found out it's a Broyhill Premier Emphasis set and it's selling for $650 right now on Etsy.  I am so excited to get it home tomorrow!!  It needs a good bath and some TLC and I am just the girl for the job.  I will have that thing sparkling by dark.  :)

While I was in there, I looked around and I found this vintage Disney World mug with Larry's name on it!!  I got it for 30 cents.  It's a little worse for the wear (probably dishwasher damage) but I had to have it.  It goes on the summer tea cart because you go to Disney World in the summertime!  You also get you a Florida Orange Bird bank if you go to Florida on vacation and you're a kid in the 1970's.  And I was and I did.  :)

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  1. Glad you found such a nice table and chair set. Your tea cart is summery ,but you need a peach. i can't believe you still have your orange bird.