Tuesday, July 14, 2015

More summer tea cart!

I added a couple of things to my summer tea cart.

I found this adorable vintage Florida souvenir creamer on eBay for $3.50 and after not getting it for two weeks and getting my money back, it came in the mail yesterday!  I love it when stuff like that happens!  We sent the money right back to them.  It was only right and I was so happy to have it!!

Larry and I went to a very disorganized yard sale Saturday.  Lord, I hate those!  They make me nervous.  I cannot stand to have to dig through boxes and bags.  Ugh.  Just keep yo' stuff.  But sometimes you find a treasure when you dig through a box.  I found a mint 1966 Empire Santa blow mold that way once.  And got it for fifty cents.  This time, I found this old Kodak Instamatic camera and when Larry told me he used to have one just like it, I grabbed it.  And got it for two dollars.  So it goes on the summer tea cart 'cause everybody knows you take lots of pictures in the summer!

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  1. This girl can find a diamond in a pile of zirconiums!