Thursday, August 30, 2012

First time for everything...

I have always prided myself on never having a broken bone. 45 years in this world and not one crack, not one chip.  I never was the kind of girl who would get a broken bone, though.  No tree climbing for me.  I was all about some baby dolls and tea parties.  I left the tree climbing to my brother and later, my sister.  Never played sports either.  I stayed in the house, close to Mama.

45 years old with my very first broken bone.  That ankle that I twisted at work last month.  It is indeed fractured.  The base doctors had pretty much done all they could do, including taking x-rays that showed nothing.  It is still swollen and still painful to walk on so they referred me to an ortho surgeon and I had an appointment today.  His x-rays showed a break.  A chip in the bone and then behind the chip, the fracture.  He put me in a most attractive boot cast and hooked me up with a bottle of super duper Motrin.  He also gave me a handicapped parking permit to use while I'm waiting for this thing to heal.  

I don't know how that's going to affect my job.  I'm a co-op and in training and can't very well train on an airplane with a broken foot.  Sigh.


  1. That foot looks bruised also. Hope it gets better fast. YOU NEED TO STAY HOME OFF OF IT!Take as much care of it as you can. Love you

  2. UGH. That looks you said it hurt!
    Take CARE of yourself....job situation will have to be put "on hold" for now.
    LUV ya