Sunday, August 5, 2012

Figgy Jelly

Looky what I made!  Fig preserves!!

Mama and Daddy have a fig tree in their backyard and since I lovelovelove figs, they gave me a big bowl of them.  I decided I'd try to make preserves with them and my first attempt was soupy.  Guess why??  I didn't use pectin.  I thought I'd make it like I make my cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, boil the fruit with some sugar and it would thicken up on its own.  But it didn't.  Mama and Daddy were here Friday afternoon and I showed them my Mason jar of fig soup.  They had just made 20+ jars of fig preserves themselves and they told me I pretty much have to use pectin.

So I got some.  And I reboiled the fruit and sugar soup with about a tablespoon of pectin and look what happened!!  Who'dathunkit??  Mama and Daddy, that's who!

I am SO happy!!  It was SO easy!!!  And cheap!  Especially when you get free fruit!  And it is absolutely delicious.  I may never buy Smuckers again.  :)


  1. Again....Mama knows best!! Daddy is a great "provider", too....
    LUV LUV figs & jelly frm them, too.

    You did GOOOOD, girl.
    Truly, yo Mama's daugher. (a goood thing, by the way!! LOL)

  2. I preserved some free produce today. :-) Mike adores fig preserves. Me, not so much.