Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rainy Saturday

Is there anything much better than a lazy rainy Saturday at home?  I'd be hard pressed to come up with something.  I took this picture out my patio door earlier today.  We had a monsoon!! 

So Tabbie Hoffman and I just laid around and napped off and on all day.  I've been nursing a touch of some kind of horror-movie-caliber spasms that you really don't want to know about stomach bug that I think I picked up from a sandwich I got at Subway last night.  I'm not sure but I think the turkey was dropped on the floor or something.  And then stomped on and kicked under the 'fridge.

Awweeee, ain't he so fweet??!!  When he's not all flipped-out-of-his-mind-scratchy-bitey, he is the sweetest, most cuddly little puff ball you could ever want. 

My ankle's doing better but they still have me on light duty through the end of the month because I can't balance well on that side.  You should see me trying to stand on my left foot!  You'd swear I'd been drinking.  And I never touch the stuff.  So for a little longer, I'll go to physical therapy three days a week and do things I can sit down to do.  

It won't be long before I'll be registering for school again.  This year is going by so fast!  We register for spring semester November 7th.  I'm thinking about switching my shift to swing around that same time so that I can get my body accustomed to working from 3:30 to midnight every day.  I've never worked nights before but I am most definitely a night person, do not like early mornings at all, so I think I'll be fine with the change.  I'll be getting my first raise, my first step up, next month.  Time is going by so fast!!

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  1. We had a beautiful 80+ degree today...No rain!
    Hope your ankle will heal soon.
    CONGRATS! on raise....know you deserve it.
    You might be ok w/night is different though!
    Take good care of YOU>

    LUV ya