Friday, August 24, 2012

Sick baby

Tabbie Hoffman went to the doc-doc today and got his very first shot.  :(  He is still shaking his head like something's in his ear, in spite of weeks of flushing his ear out with that solution I got from the PetSmart vet for him right after I found him.  His right eye is still goopy every day and last night, he sneezed and had a runny nose.  So I took him to the vet today, Dr. Corker, here in town and he was so great with him!  I can't say enough about how kind and nice he and his staff were to us.  He tested Tab for leukemia and AIDS and then did a thorough exam, looked in his mouth, ears, eyes and up his nose with a light and Tabbie Hoffman just sat there and let him!  I was amazed.  'Cause that boy is waaaaay bitey.  And when they weighed him, Tabbie weighed 4.4 pounds!!  He was just over a pound when I took him to PetSmart almost six weeks ago.  I told you he was waaaaay bitey.  He bites everything!  Shrimps and crabs don't stand a chance in this house.

The doctor diagnosed him with an upper respiratory infection, which is what Aunt Ami suspected all along.  Since he was sneezing last night, I was afraid it was getting worse so we went.  He got an antibiotic shot and a bottle of amoxicillin drops to take twice a day.  We also got a Hill's Science Diet kitten starter kit that has a bag of food, a little measuring cup, two cans of food and a book telling me all his kitty secrets.  $145 later, we came home.  Kitties can be expensive!

Except for when he was posing for pictures this afternoon, he's been sleeping.  I know he feels bad.  But ain't he cute?? 


  1. Awwwwwwww, bless his wee bitty heart. Surely hope he will be well soon.
    It's just like human kids....take 'em if you can't solve the problem. It's always best.
    Yes....we call Ariel our $100 dog....cause EVERYtime she goes, it's about that much!! UGH.
    He's a real cutie....Hang in there mommie, it should get better soon. :))

  2. Wondered what the Dr. found. Glad you liked them and hope Tabby gets better with new medicine.You need to look into some pet insurance. Yes, they do have it. Ask Ami about it.I know there are no traits of family in him,but the tongue sticking out he got from Ricky Jr. Take care and we love you. Mama