Thursday, July 26, 2012

How 'bout some fries with this catch up?

Okay, today I come home to this.

Twelve days after I came home to this.  Dismemberment appears to not only be allowed but also encouraged in this neighborhood.  Poor baby doll.  Eventually, maybe the rest of her will end up in my driveway and I'll put her back together and brush her hair or something.

Life at the condostead has been busy busy busy since last we chatted.  Tabbie Hoffman continues to steal bits and pieces of my heart, even when he scratches the crap out of my leg trying to jump up into my lap.  

 Yes.  My right thigh.  :)

We're doing the ear medicine every other day and he hates it but lets me do it anyway without much of a fight.  We were supposed to do it for two weeks so we've got three more times and then we'll be down to once a week until the bottle's empty.  

And I swear, I bet he's gained a pound since I've had him!  His little belly is SO fat!  See??  Total presh.  :)

I messed up big time this week and twisted my left ankle, oh yes, the BAD one, at work.  I stepped way wrong off the platform and in trying to not fall, twisted it.  It swelled up like a softball immediately.  I went to a doctor on base, got a splint, some x-rays to rule out a hairline crack (and they did, it's just a bad sprain) and some free meds out of the deal.  I'm also having physical therapy three days a week indefinitely until they get me straight.  I had my first session today and felt so much better after just the one!  The therapist used a combo of electric current and ice water on it and it felt absolutely heavenly. I'm on light duty until the 13th, too.  I've never had as much fussing over me as I've had in the past two days, except for maybe my mama and daddy.  Certainly not at any job I've ever had.  They take care of you out there, that's for sure.

One more Tabbie Hoffman pic.  :)  I promise this will not become a kitty blog!  He's just so dang cute!!

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  1. Tabbie IS a cutie...He found himself a gooood Mommie.
    Take care of that ankle. Hoping for a speedy recovery.
    You DESERVE people to "fawn" over you, by the way.
    ENJOY your's ok to spoil a pet....
    LUV ya