Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Monday

I had a wonderful weekend!  Hope you did, too!  I spent time with my family, loved on my sweet hubby and got my spiritual batteries recharged at church.  You just cannot have a better weekend than that! 

I got my new Sony Cyber-shot camera that Brian won for me at Christmas and here are some of the first pictures I took with it!  It's such a cool camera and will do so much stuff.  It'll take me a while to learn everything.

We celebrated Ami's Halfway-to-Seventy Birthday Saturday afternoon.  She'll be 35 on Wednesday and Mama made this delicious chocolate fudgey birthday cake for her!

Daddy made this huge pan of lasagna and it was amazing!  I took this picture in Gourmet Food mode on my camera.  Just LOOK at it!  This is magazine quality!!!  :)

Gorgeous pine trees in Mama and Daddy's yard
Here's that river birch close up.  I just LOVE how it sheds its bark like that!  The bark is so thin and peels off so easily that you really could use it for paper to write on.  I gave this tree to Daddy years ago for Father's Day or his birthday, I can't remember which.  I sure want me one now!!

Sunset on Camp Road

The purtiest young'uns I know!  
My niece, Jessica, and nephew, Christopher.
They are our heart.  And they know it, too.  :)

These cherries are so bright and vivid!!
This is the fixin's tray for our ice cream sundaes.

Mondays aren't so bad when you're at home and can sleep in.  Ha!  All they're telling me about my new job start date is to check my email as that's how they'll be in contact with me.  I can do that.  

We're planning a little road trip up to the Whistle Stop this week!  I'm so excited to go and EAT THIS TIME.  

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