Sunday, January 8, 2012

A cuppa (or two) and a catch up...

Wow!  What a week this has been!!  First of all, I finally got confirmation that I was selected for the electronics co-op at Robins Air Force Base on Wednesday.  I'd gotten a couple of calls the Tuesday and Wednesday of the week before at home and on my caller ID, it just said ROBINS AFB.  They didn't leave a message.  And didn't call my cell, which I thought was weird because I gave them both numbers.  I tried to call the number back and needed to put in an extension number, which I also didn't have.  They called several times, all at times when I was at work.  No message, nothing.  It was a little frustrating.  Especially since I WAS WAITING TO HEAR!!  I'd had my interview on December 14th but didn't tell anybody because I wanted to wait for something TO tell.  Not very many people knew about the interview and since it was scheduled for a Wednesday afternoon when I was off work anyway, I didn't have to tell anybody at work either.  The Lord sure worked that little detail out!  I had been asking Him to.  :)

So, anyway, I finally called the college on Thursday and that's when they told me that I was indeed on THE LIST but that they'd been instructed by the base not to tell anyone until the transcripts were in and it was official.  But they congratulated me anyway.  :)

Nobody knows why I kept getting these strange calls.  I know, though.  I believe it was God putting me out of my misery.  He knew I was worried and dying to hear something so He made it happen.  I got the phone calls which led me to call the school.  In all things, HE gets the glory.

I got the official word this past Wednesday evening and Thursday, the confirmation email that included all the paperwork and stuff I have to fill out and get back to them.  Employment forms, medical forms and my security clearance questionnaire.  They're all done and ready for me to take over there tomorrow!  Hopefully, I'll get my physical scheduled for this week, too, and I can get my start date.  I am SO excited!!

One of the things I had to have was my birth certificate but I didn't have one and Mama and Daddy didn't have one so they went to the courthouse in Oglethorpe and got me one Friday.  Two, actually, so I'd have a spare.  They were so sweet to do that for me!!

We met in Byron yesterday for burgers and they gave me my birth certificates and we had a good little visit together.  Ami and Brian were down here in Warner Robins and wanted to take me out to celebrate, not knowing of my plans with Mama and Daddy but we all ended up together anyway, at the Big Peach in Byron.  :)

I've wanted to start collecting vintage Fire-King pieces for a while now and the Big Peach is FULL of them!  No time like the present, right?  I started my collection with these two coffee cups.

 I just LOVE the vintage look and feel of these!

Anybody want gift ideas for me?  Well, there you go. :)  Cups, casseroles, plates, bowls, whatever.  Any colors, any design.  I love 'em all!  And I'm going to USE them, not just display them.  Used a cup tonight for my coffee.

In other sad news, my engagement ring broke today.  Waaaaaaah!  I noticed it this morning in church.  It was spinning around on my finger and scratching me.  It's broken right where the diamond is mounted.  I'll have to get it into the jewelers this week.  It's been a good one.  14 years old and other than a sprung prong that was totally my fault and a resizing that was totally my fault (it went from a 9 to a 7 1/2!  Woooo hoooooo!!!), it's given me no problems.

So.  That pretty much catches y'all up!    


  1. CONGRATS! happy for you.
    This summer will "hunt" for Fire King for ya...hopin some yard sales will pop up this yr!
    LUV ya

  2. Congratulations again! I'm glad those night classes have paid off! Those are some nice mugs--we have one orange and one green that we fight over. Or rather, Mike is very possessive of the orange one and took it from me.

  3. Enjoyed time with you and Ami and Brian Sunday . Happy for all your achievements and know you are gonna do well. Take a deep breath and calm down. Love the cups and you