Friday, January 20, 2012

See y'all later

Today was my last day at work.  I thought it would be easier since Fridays are kinda slow and the entire staff's not there.

Nope.  No easier.

I know in my heart that this job at the base is what I've been working for, what I've been studying for, keeping my GPA at 4.0 for, what I've been hanging in there for.  I don't know if anyone else ever picked for the co-op took TWENTY months to get there but that's how long it took me and I believe that it's because it was God's plan and would only happen in His time.  I'd been working at Lifeguard Pediatrics for a year before I started the electronics program at Middle Georgia and that job made it possible for me to go to school at night.  I got off work every day at 5:00 and I was in class by 6:00 on the nights that I had class.  It worked.

My coworkers supported me through it all.  They kept up with all the tests, always asking me how I did and praising me for my 94's and 96's when I thought less than a 100 was unacceptable.  They listened to all the crazy stories I had to tell, like the night I pulled my toenail off in class during a test and the time I wired a circuit backwards and blew up a chip.  They supported me through everything even though they knew that someday, I might use my education to leave them.

In fact, it was our nurse, Lisa Prince, who first told me about the electronics program.  She had a friend who went through it and got a job at Robins Air Force Base.  We played Bunco one night and I talked to that friend and she urged me to do it, to jump in with both feet and give it my best shot.

So I did.  Twenty-three months later, here I am, about to start my own job at Robins.  It feels surreal to be here.

Yesterday, they had a party for me.  A beautiful cake and lots of goodies.  Today, we had more goodies.  Here are a few pictures!


Dr. P's delicious brown-sugar crust brownies that she made just for me!
Lisa P. slicing up her yumm-o ham and pickle roll-ups!

Shannon made these yummy little smoky links in her crock pot!
Our resident chef, baker, knitter, coffee bean roaster and awesome little nurse, Michelle, brought homemade ricotta cheese and toast with olive oil and honey this morning for breakfast!

Michelle also made me this adorable little felted mushroom!
I just love it so much!!!
Dr. Patrenos gave me these beautiful handmade silver earrings that I just adore!
And this little feller was from Angela.  Her good luck one-eyed frog.
I was so touched when she gave him to me.

I don't like goodbyes and I refused to tell them all "bye" this week.  Just "see y'all later".  I was with them 16 days shy of three years.  A lot longer than I planned to be when I was hired.  Just goes to show you what YOU know when God is working.  The Lord led me to these good, decent, honest, baby-loving people for a purpose.  To teach me, to free me, to befriend me, to love me.  They acted as lifeguards for me at a time when I needed one.  I will miss them all terribly. 

I'm excited about my new job and I know I'll meet new people and experience new things but I'll take my years at Lifeguard with me and if anybody ever needs a good pediatrician, I'll tell them I know exactly where they can find two of the very best.  And the staff's not half bad either.

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  1. That is so sweet! Love the mushroom and frog. Enjoy your time off. Know you will miss them and they will miss you. Love you