Friday, March 4, 2011

For Daddy

I remember Daddy's Tony Orlando and Dawn 8-track from waaaaaaay back in the day and this song was on it.  It was actually the B-side of "Knock Three Times" on the 45 version. It was released in 1970 when I was three but we listened to it for many years, for most of my childhood.  This song, "Home" reminds me so much of my daddy now.  How he worked hard every day and came home to us every night. We listened to it in the car and at home and I loved the song back then and sometimes I still catch myself singing it.  Funny how things from when you're little stay with you. I found this on YouTube and had to post it. And how awesome is that crackly vinyl sound? It's been a long time since I heard that!

It just reminds me of a very happy time with my daddy and mama and brother when we were very young. All four of us.

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  1. Where on earth did you find that? Daddy says "Thank you". He probably has it on his old tapes. Glad you found it and that you remember all you do. Love You, Daddy and Mama