Friday, March 11, 2011

Only one week? Really??

This has been one lonnnnnnnnng week.  I'm sure glad it's over.

Four deaths touched my life this week.  Two beautiful people that I knew, Audra's mama and an old family friend, Ron Woodard.  Miss Brenda died Saturday and Ron died early Thursday morning.  Sad, sad days.

And then Wednesday night, two little girls, sisters, from here were killed in an automobile accident.  Both were Warner Robins American Little League softball players.  All Stars in everybody's book.   

I'm struggling lately to balance life, work and school and the further I get into a quarter (they will be semesters in August), the more draggy-butt I get.  I actually made the lowest grade ever Tuesday night.  An 86.  'Bout KILLED me.  Thankfully, I'd had a 105 and a 101 so those six extra points turned my 86 into a 92.  Whew!  There are two weeks left in this quarter and I cannot wait.  I'm so ready for a break.

I'm taking some vacation time at the end of the month to recharge and get ready for spring quarter.  My spring quarter will only be four weeks long this time.  The class I need is a short one.  Yay! 

We're planning a trip to IKEA in Atlanta that I'm really, really, OHMYGOD looking forward to, my job interview at the base is the 29th and I'm going to spend the rest of the week sleeping, spring cleaning, sleeping, yard cleaning, sleeping, reading (I'm still trying to finish this book!  Sorry, Joshilyn!!  It's great, really, and I LOVE IT!!), watching movies, sleeping, planting flowers and sleeping.

I tired.

I just got slobber on my keyboard.


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