Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little shoppin' therapy...

I did a little shopping this weekend.  I needed to get a new outfit for my base interview that's coming up at the end of the month so I went to Old Navy and got a pair of my favorite khakis.  There is nothing like Old Navy jeans and khakis!  They are so comfortable!!  The college told us NOT to dress up for these interviews, to wear what we'd wear for the job.  And that's khaki pants and shirts in conservative colors.  So I got a cute navy top that crisscrosses in the front and the ON pants.  I'm ready!!  It feels weird to me to go on a job interview and not wear a dress or skirt.  Coming from the business world and spending so many years in finance, that is just unheard of to me.  You wear a dress, or a suit even, to a job interview!

But I did find this cute little dress at Kohl's that I just loved!!  I bought it with Easter in mind but I wore it today and my hubby was most fond of it.  :)
This is the fabric up close.
It's really pretty!!

I was just looking around in Sally's this afternoon and saw this 1 liter bottle of apple pectin shampoo!!  I remember going to Miss Susan's beauty shop downtown Oglethorpe in the late 70's/early 80's and getting my hair cut and then later permed (ohsweetjesus) and they would always wash my hair with this shampoo and I loved it!!  I even talked Mama into buying a small bottle for me a time or two. 

I was not disappointed when I got home today and washed my hair with it!  It smells so good and that sweet apple scent just took me right back to one of Miss Susan's chairs.  My hair was very bouncy and shiny and full afterwards!  Yay!!  It's super concentrated so you only need a little bit to get gobs and gobs of lather.  This 1 liter bottle that I got for $10 will last me months.

I also tried on a MEDIUM shirt this weekend and could wear it but I got a large just 'cause it was more comfortable.  I'll get there!!

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  1. So you finally found the shampoo . Good, I don't think Susan uses it anymore. Like the dress. Love you