Friday, March 25, 2011

What's growin' on??

Spring is finally here!!  The weather's been gorgeous, I finished up winter quarter at MGT Tuesday night with a 98 in Solid State and a 96 in my online computer class and I am officially on vacation as of today!!  Yay!!

I've got a lot of yard work to get done next week and a little spring cleaning stuff to do inside.  I want to tackle my closet and dresser at least!  I'm going to use my spa gift certificate FINALLY that Dr. Niebaum and his family gave me for Christmas next week, too.  Gonna get a massage that I need SO BAD.  My shoulders are so tight that they're starting to be painful so I am really looking forward to that massage.  Sitting at a desk all day and cradling the phone on my shoulder 432 times a day is taking its toll on my body.  My job interview at the base is next week, too.  I've got a lot planned!!

I was walking around in the yard this afternoon and snapped a few pics of what's growing around the Schneider condostead.

 Vidalia onion growing in the compost!

 Halloween pumpkin growing in the compost!  :)

 This little azalea is gorgeous every year!!
She never fails to show up and make me smile.

 This is the biggest these irises have ever gotten!

Hosta sittin' pretty!

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  1. Condostead. ;-) Good luck with your week--we have a big one planned, too.