Friday, November 27, 2009

The Super Fabulous Schneider Christmas Tree Of 2009!

I started calling our Christmas trees "The Super Fabulous Schneider Christmas Tree" two years ago when I was still blogging on MySpace. I thought it was cute and it's kinda stuck.

I have a seven-foot Douglas fir that, praise the Sweet Lord Baby Jesus, is PRE-LIT. I like the old-fashioned multi-colored lights and this one has 650 of 'em!

Here's a closer shot of some
of my orna-
I like orna-
ments better than glass balls. Ornaments tell stories, have sweet little person-alities and are just more interesting to me.

The two little red reindeer right in front are from my childhood Christmas trees. They were always on our tree when I was growing up and Mama let me have them last year. They'll always be right in front!


  1. Aww, it's so purty!! I didn't even get mine up today. :( I'm officially breaking tradition. I can't wait to see yours in person!

  2. It was the first week in December before I put mine up last year. I was up until TWO this morning decorating!!!