Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Give Up. Merry Christmas!

Few things brought me as much joy when I was a little girl as the Sears Christmas Wish Book. I got one in the mail today and all those old memories just came flooding back! Memories of me and my brother laying on our bellies on the living room floor, circling toys and dog-earing the pages of that wonderful, magical book.

I've been trying really hard to savor fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving but Sears sho' makin' it hard for me to not think about Christmas! I found some pictures online of some things that were fantasies in the Wish Books of my childhood and then became realities on Christmas morning. Santa Claus at my house ROCKED!

The Sunshine Family!! Oh, how I loved these dolls!! Steve, Steffie and Baby Sweets. 1973-74? Cute little hippie family who were green and ate granola and probably smoked pot when I wasn't looking. No wonder I loved 'em so much. They also gardened and made crafts and recycled. Oh yeah, and I remember their eyes used to pop out a lot.

My Easy Bake Oven! I remember me and Ricky baking Jesus a birthday cake that Christmas morning. Awwww.

And I was ALL about the babies! I got so many dolls, a new one every Christmas. I had all of the Tender Love Dolls as well as Baby Alive, Baby That-A-Way, Rub-A-Dub Dolly and Baby Drowsy. I still have most of my babies but they're still living with their grandparents.
I'm such a bad mama.


  1. That is so sweet . Daddy said he was glad you had memories so good.You are not a bad mama. You loved all your babies and a lot I kept. Love

  2. Very sweet. I am glad you did not lose your babies. My Mom just had a yard sale and finally sold Chattey Cathy, she was a site. Leg broke off, one eye messed up and hair OM goodness, a wig would help. I figured someone might buy her for parts. Memories are a treasure.

  3. The only one I remember of those is BABY ALIVE. Oh, how I loved and fed and played with my Baby Alive. I remember telling Santa that I wanted a black Baby Alive doll with red hair. But I got one like in the picture. Go figure. :)

  4. Remember Baby Alive's poop?? Awesome.

  5. Ms. F --- you never cut Cathy's hair, did you??? Ha!