Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fall In The 'Hood

We have had an absolutely gorgeous weekend and I got out yesterday and took some pictures of some of the fall that's remaining in my neighborhood. The leaves are turning brown SO FAST that I thought I'd better snap a few pictures before all of that beautiful color is gone.

The red orange and evergreen against that blue sky was just so pretty to me.  I love how this one turned out! 

This little feller just sat there and posed for me.  The squirrels around here are so used to us feeding them that they are not scared of nothin'! Probably not very smart for them. I love how he's wearing his Southern boy camo britches for this picture!  You almost can't see him.          

This is that huge oak tree in our backyard.  I was just telling Larry yesterday morning how bright yellow the leaves were. When I took this picture just a few hours later, some of them were already turning brown. Winter is coming fast!   

This pretty thing is next door.  I'm not sure what kind of tree it is but I love it, too.  It'll be completely bare in about two weeks.  Of all of our trees around here, it's always the prettiest and always the first to go.  


  1. Beautiful fall colors. They are just waiting to fall soyou can rake.

  2. That looks like some sort of maple. I don't rake, I blow them fellows right into a big pile next to my fence all the way in the back. There is a creek there and no neighbors to worry over. You are so right they are turning brown fast and I thought we would not get any color this year. The colors are beautiful.