Sunday, June 28, 2009

Raspberry Strudels And 2x4s Upside The Head

Well, maybe not upside the HEAD. More like upside the front of my car. I was coming back from seeing Larry today and from out of nowhere, this board flew up and hit my car! I don't know where it came from, don't know where it had been or where it went afterwards. I never even saw it in my rear view mirror. And the most wonderful thing?? It didn't leave a scratch on my car anywhere. I'm beginning to think I imagined the whole thing.

Jessi came and spent the weekend with me and we did 'bout eight loads of her laundry and we went and got her and Justin some groceries and then I took her home this afternoon. I always, always enjoy her company and I love having her with me. Things are a little strained family-wise where she's concerned but I don't much care. I'm on her side. Always will be.

When I got home, two little neighbor boys across the street were selling raspberry strudels. They said they were "50 cents or 2 for a dollar" when I asked how much. That was so dang cute to me. I gave the little one four quarters for two and he couldn't understand what I was doing. He kept wanting to give me 50 cents back. All they'd done this afternoon was take dollar bills and give 50 cents back so the quarters threw him WAY off. It was just so cute. And the strudels were awesome. Back in my day, we sold Kool-Aid and lemonade in the summertime. Kids are selling strudels now. How cool.

What was NOT cool was the pavement. And of course, I walked over there barefoot and burned the hide clean off the bottoms of my feet. Ow. You'd think by the time a girl is 42 years old, she'd know to at least wear flip flops on hot asphalt in JUNE.

Apparently, not this girl. :)


  1. Wow--that is a miracle! I think you should
    call it the Miracle of the 2x4 or the Lumber Epiphany, something like that. Eat a strudel for me.

  2. I want a strudel! Yeah, I still go barefoot, too. I'll never learn. :)