Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Fake April Rose

I'm writing my very first blog about how creepy people on the internet can be.

I read a lot of blogs and will eventually post them here. I was reading one a couple of months ago and saw a link to another one about a young, unmarried woman who was carrying a baby girl who had been diagnosed with Trisomy 13 and was not expected to live long enough to be born. She was expected to die in the womb.

The doctor suggested terminating the pregnancy and mom, "B", refused, choosing instead to cherish what time she had with her daughter and pray that she'd be born alive and be with them (she and baby daddy, "D") for a few minutes before she passed away.

And she started a blog about her. The baby girl that she named April Rose. April because she was sure the baby would be born in April. Her due date was in May but no one expected her to go to term.

I never really connected with "B". I didn't really like her writing style and I thought she was waaaaaaaay too dramatic and upbeat for someone who was losing her daughter. I really got suspicious a week or so ago when she posted ads for little baby girl stuff like ruffled diaper covers and hair bows.

Why on earth would someone whose baby is dying want to look at sweet little girl stuff??

I know now. There was no baby! And the ads were just a way for her to make money. She started this prayer circle called His Will Wednesdays a month ago and would take prayer requests and while that was admirable and very Christian of her, it was also making her rich because every hit to her site brought her more money from the sponsors. And she was taking donations from us poor people who believed her. Although I didn't send her any money, thank God.

Well, Sunday, June 7th, April Rose was born. "B" and "D" had a friend, Raechel, post minute-by-minute updates as to the baby's vitals and kept us informed through the birth and the hours afterward.

I prayed for this baby. I prayed for her parents and I asked God to give them the strength to endure losing her.

And then they posted a picture of the baby.

A small, dark picture in the sidebar. A picture of a baby who was asleep and had weird looking rough blonde hair. That combined with my gut feeling, I Googled "April Rose hoax" and guess what I found out??

It IS a hoax!! Some people recognized the picture of "April" as being one of those reborn dolls named Avery! This chick couldn't find a picture of a REAL baby?? She had to use a DOLL?

So she's busted now and I'm heartsick that I, along with thousands of other people, was tricked into believing her story. Her blog is completely down and so is her Twitter.

How could someone DO THAT??

Just Google April Rose hoax or April Rose scam and read all about it.

I have invested three months of my life in this baby, this story, and I'm so mad, I could spit nails.

"B" is a sad, sad person and while she needs prayer, she won't get mine anymore.


  1. That is sick and wrong. You are just too tender-hearted. Don't let this sicko change that about you, though. I'm sorry this happened and you got so involved only to be devastated by someone's scam.

  2. OMG That is so disgusting. :(