Sunday, June 28, 2009

And Now The Guy Who Talked Me Into OxiClean Is Dead?

What is going ON?? Now Billy Mays has died??

Billy Mays was annoying as all get out but he sure talked me into trying OxiClean and I gotta give him credit for that. That stuff works!!

(Yeah, OxiClean is my un-eco-friendly guilty pleasure.)

Wow. I sure hope he's the last one for a while.


  1. I have to admit, I'm sad about this. I really rather liked his shouting method of sales and the pitchmen show made him so relatable. Who will sell the oxyclean now? :-(

  2. Yeah, I'm sad, too. He was really a nice guy. We watched his show "Pitch Men" and you got to see how genuine he was. I will miss his loudness on my TV.

  3. Well, maybe I should check that out. All I ever saw were the infomercials and he kinda got on my nerves a li'l bit.

    It is SO sad what happened to him. :(