Monday, August 24, 2015

Garden update!

Summer is winding down and I am ready to see it go.  While I hate cold weather (winter's snow and ice are not my thing!), I lovelovelove fall!!  I love everything about fall.  The cooler air after a long hot summer, the lower humidity (yes, thank you, Jesus!!!), pumpkins, the fair, seeing the leaves change colors, putting on a warm pair of yoga pants and a long-sleeved tee shirt, turning back the clocks and getting a little more sleep, yep, pretty much everything.  It's my favorite season.  I do love a lot about summer, too.  The beach is obviously number one in my heart and I've enjoyed my little garden, too, going out every day to see if there was a tomato or a cucumber ready and picking pepper after pepper after pepper but to me, fall just feels like the prize at the finish line.  I'll continue to use my clothesline as long as I can (I remember my mama telling me she used to hang our diapers out in the winter and they'd freeze stiff with ice as they dried.  I ain't going that far with it.  Ha!) and I'll continue to do some kind of gardening as long as I can. 

Here's where we are with our wild onions, spinach and lettuce on the porch.  I love that Tabbie Hoffman was right there.  :)


 Our Spanish yellow onions are just so cute to me!

The pumpkin patch is coming along nicely, too!  They got sprinkled with a little diatomaceous earth early, you know, just in case some pumpkin bug wanna start something.

The mammoth sunflowers are coming up, too!  I can't wait to see how big and tall they get!!  (We had a bad thunderstorm with heavy, heavy rain yesterday.  That's why they're kinda just laying there.  They are just beat down.  Ha!)
The flowers and herbs are just thriving on the front porch!  There's sweet mint, parsley and chives, a climbing jenny, a foxtail fern, a dwarf morning glory, a heather and my Christmas cactus that I'm going to bring in next month and stick in a closet to hang out during the fall months to encourage it to bloom.  Cross your fingers!!  It's nevah bloomed at Christmas.  Valentine's Day is when it usually gets around to it. 
But summer's not going away completely, at least not here at the Schneider Homestead.  I hung a few more things on the fence yesterday while Larry worked on his patches wall.  We picked all of these up at the beach.  I just love how they look together.


  1. I think I am going to try freezing my laundry this winter, just to say that I did it. It is very interesting that you are now planting pumpkins. Mine have turned orange and the vines are nearly dead. Goes to show the difference between there and here, I guess. Might have to try out your diatomaceous earth next year.


  2. Love,love your posts and everything looks so healthy and happy. Enjoy your fall crop as they come along. The beach items are so cute. Your love shines through and I am so happy for you and Larry.