Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Welcome, September!

Even though Mother Nature thinks it's August still with her daily sweaty hotness, I'm still so glad to see September get here!!  Here's what we've been up to!  

The pumpkin plants are gettin' big!

So are the fall sunflowers growing by the fence!

The onions don't look much like onions yet, though.

Neither does the spinach.

Or the lettuce.  :)

Larry spent three hours sanding our 1962 Broyhill Brasilia dining room table that I found at the Salvation Army (!!) for $90 (!!!!).  The set is in pretty good shape so we really don't have to do much but we are going to refinish the table top and do a little work on the chairs and hopefully have everything back in the dining room this weekend.

I've wanted an old green glass insulator all summer but I never saw one until this past Saturday at an antique store and they wanted $8 for it.  That's crazy.  We had tons of these things when I was a kid but I don't have one now.  Or I didn't.  Larry brought these (and more!) home from work the other day!

I took a dozen and placed them between every three rails or so of our front porch.

It's been fun learning about the different colors and manufacturers and what this number and that trademark mean.  All of these are from the 1940's and 50's!

We had this giant six-foot vintage Mickey Mouse but we sold it Sunday to a guy who wanted it for his mama's birthday.  We sewed a few holes up in him and cleaned him up while we watched the half-season finale of our favorite show, Hell On Wheels, Sunday afternoon.  Here I am slow dancing with him right before he left. :)  He was a big boy!  With the ears, he was taller than Larry and he weighed about 40 pounds.  He was a terrible dancer, though, and kept stepping on my feet and trying to grab my butt. 


  1. Mickey whispered in Ginger's ear the whole time they danced. I wasn't worried. Still, what a rat! LARRY

  2. Love the beautiful garden.You have worked hard on it. Sorry to see Mickey go,but looks like he will have a good home. Maybe he will dance with his new partner.

  3. You all are a hoot. You know, we see a lot of those insulators around here, still at the top of power poles. I can't get over your starting a garden right now. Mine is nearly done, though the tomatoes are still looking good.