Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekend projects!

We had lots of stuff to do around the house this weekend.  Larry built me an outside shower that I am soooooo excited about!  I spend a lot of time outside, in the garden, at the clothesline, battling squash bugs and it gets hot out there.  He wanted me to have a place to cool off (until we put that pool in!) and he even enjoyed it himself today after cutting the grass.  I'm surprised y'all didn't hear his Jerry Clower-like holler when that cold water hit his hot head this afternoon.  :)
Here he is testing the water pressure and how cool is that rainbow??  God's promise!

And here I am testing the water.  It was fabulous!!!

Last weekend when we went to the beach, we picked up this solid wood table for A DOLLAR at an estate sale.  Larry found it stuck out in a barn, covered in spider webs and dirt.  I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do with it, I just knew I loved it and I wanted it so we got it!


Today I painted it!  I wanted turquoise so we got a quart of paint yesterday.  I picked Valspar's Seafarer and I absolutely LOVE it!  

I put it out by the shower to hold our towels and wash cloths and soap.  I think it looks great there!  And has a new life and a new purpose.  :)

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