Sunday, August 23, 2015

Quiet thang!

Y'all may remember our baseball card display at the condo.  Today, Larry made another wall, in his den/office, from all of his military patches, the colorful ones anyway.  I think it looks great!

The flag in the middle that says "Quyet Thang 1971" is a Viet Cong battle flag and "quyet thang" means "resolve to win".  We're not sure how to pronounce it so we just say "quiet thang!" :)

I see a couple of familiar ones up there!

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  1. Anyone out there want to donate patches to my wall, feel free to help! I've collected on and off since I was a kid and my daddy was in the Army. I picked up a few during my own stint in the Army and whenever Ginger and I go to yard sales, estate sales, or see an old Army-Navy store, we see if we can add anything to new. Got plenty of room left on this wall, so I'm still on the hunt. LARRY SCHNEIDER