Sunday, August 16, 2015

The front porch

I worked some more on our front porch this weekend, too.  This summer has just been too hot to enjoy the porch but fall is coming!!  I ordered our tickets to see Alabama at the fair in October yesterday and I really cannot wait.  I haven't seen them since 2006, I think, when they had their Farewell Tour and it was there in Perry that I saw them and I cried thinking I'd never see them again and would never see them with Larry.  After all I had experienced in my crazy running-after-Alabama days, it broke my heart to think I would never get to share any of that with Larry.  Well, they're coming back and we're going to meet 'em there.  Sans Mark, of course, and to me, Alabama without Mark just ain't Alabama.  But like Patty Loveless taught us, life's about changin', nothing ever stays the same.  I'll go see Randy, Teddy and Jeff and I'll scream my fool head off and I'll show my husband a side of me he ain't never seen.  :)

So, back to the porch.  I went to an estate sale with a coworker Friday and I picked up two little metal tables for five bucks a piece that I thought would look cute on our porch.  Here's a pic of them before, in the picture from the sale.  I circled 'em in pink!


Here they are now, after I painted them and put some flowers on 'em!

 Here's some more flower pots I've collected and the man I collected, too.  :)

We got this rug this summer for $10.  I just love it.  

At the estate sale of artist Audrey Hunnicutt in Fort Valley a few weeks ago, I got a bunch of baskets and I don't know what that jug thing is but I liked it and it was $2.  It's really heavy and really cool.  

I went to the grand opening of our new HomeGoods store today and got this boho wooden bead birds and bells garland.

It was made in India and is really, really pretty.

Another estate sale find that found its way to our house.  I think I paid a quarter for it.  Its message is priceless, though.

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  1. Turning ordinary into extraordinary is a sweet science that Ginger has made her own. LARRY