Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Beachy weekend!

Larry and I took off to Tybee Island last weekend for a much-needed break.  Life has been super crazy for us this summer!  We could easily go to Florida but we just love Tybee.  It was the first beach we went to as a real-life couple so it's kinda a special place for us, not to mention a much shorter drive.  Plus it's close to my Aunt Linda and this time, we got to stop by her house and visit for a bit!  When we got close to her house, we called and Uncle Don came and met us.  We had stopped at a peach stand so we picked up a jar of preserves and a loaf of peach bread while we waited for him to get there.  Then we followed him way out in the country (I loved that!) to their house.  Aunt Linda had cooked a spread for us for lunch!!  Baked chicken, corn, macaroni salad, veggies and not knowing what we wanted or felt like eating, she also fixed hot dogs and had chips and homemade pimento cheese for sandwiches.  Pimento cheese like Maw always made, made with sharp cheddar cheese.  It was all so delicious and hit our hungry spot!  We visited for a little while, us girls in the house and Larry and Uncle Don outside talking man stuff.  Jennifer was there, too, with her two stepdaughters and it was so good to see everybody.  And I got to see a side of Savannah I had never seen before!  Every other time I've been, I've just taken I-16 and took it to the end, got off in Savannah and ended up at River Street.  Then took Victory Drive all the way out to the beach.  This time, though, since the road Aunt Linda and Uncle Don live on goes into Savannah, we went that way.  It was so nice to just be out in the country again!  We took that highway right onto Abercorn, stopping at a multi-family yard sale where I got a little white folding garden fence for four dollars and then we hit a few military surplus stores so Larry could get some patches and we went to a thrift store called Blessingdales that I really, really liked because it's owned and operated by Christians, The Living Vine, who help and shelter pregnant women in crisis, whether it be protection from abuse, addiction or just pure need.  It's pretty awesome.  Not one piece of Pyrex was to be found in there but I got the cutest Mud Pie jute tote bag that will be perfect for carrying around my treasures at estate sales. 

We got out to the beach and it was sooooo crowded!!  It was like that all weekend.  We checked in, threw our stuff down and took off.  We wanted to eat at Sundae Cafe, since it recently made a list of the best restaurants in Georgia (I wanted to try that Lobster Mac and Cheese!) but we'll know next time to make a reservation.  Seems everybody saw that list.  We ended up eating at Fannie's and it was awesome.  It was right on the beach, had great seafood and then we walked on the beach with the ice cream cones we got for dessert.

 Only about a bazillion footprints in the sand.  :)

I really, really wanted a mermaid for our master bathroom and a glass float.  That's all I wanted out of this trip!  We went to Seaside Sisters and quickly realized we were waaaaay out of our element.  They may get their stuff from estate sales but they sho' don't resell it like estate sales!  I posted on Facebook that estate sales have ruined me.  I'm used to paying $10 tops for something.  I found a mermaid there, a beautiful metal folk-artsy mermaid that I loved but for $75, I couldn't do it.  We also found the extremely rare Pyrex hot air balloon 4-quart bowl from the chip-and-dip set for $75 at Two Women and a Warehouse and I had to just physically stop Larry from getting it.  We are not paying $75 for a BOWL.  I'd be too scared to use it!!

I got my mermaid (and my beach sign with the hook) at T. S. Chu's.  I absolutely love Chu's.  If you have a minute, read this article about it.  It's been there since the 1930's and has pretty much anything you need for a stay at the beach.  If it's something you use, you'll find it at Chu's!  :)

I ended up with two glass floats.  A big blue one that we're going to hang outside from Fish Art and this smaller green one from Christy's on the corner.

We ate breakfast Sunday morning at The Breakfast Club.  I had a ham and cheese omelet, Larry had the veggie omelet and we both had grits, toast, juice and coffee.  The best breakfast in town, that's for sure!

We enjoyed the most beautiful (albeit a tad cloudy!) sunrise and later Sunday morning, some really cool storm clouds and when the storm passed and the sun came back out, we played and jumped around in some really huge waves!

We stood out on the pier and watch the fishermen cast their lines, in search of that elusive Spanish mackerel.  We never saw 'em catch a mackerel but we did see a trout get pulled in and that was pretty exciting.  :)

I saw this little flower pot stand on a porch near the beach and I just fell head over heels in love with it.  The plants, the pots, the heart-shaped plant stand, the simple way it just all comes together.  I thought it was beautiful.

Your heart always knows the way.  

It truly does.  Whether you're discovering a new way to get to your favorite beach or if you're holding on to a dream for dear life when everybody, everything, is telling you it'll never happen.

It will happen.  

You follow that heart, trust its path, and never, ever give up.