Monday, February 17, 2014

Beach weekend

We had a wonderful time at the beach!  The sun was warm and the sky was amazingly beautiful and blue the entire time.  It was around 50 degrees Saturday with wind at 18 mph but Sunday was better.  The wind had calmed some and the temperature was a little warmer.  February may not be the best time to go to the beach but it was the best time for us!

We went over to Tybee Island, a short three-hour drive from here.  It took us nearly six hours to get there, though, because we went adventurin' off the beaten path and ended up in a little town called Collins, where we found the most awesome thrift/junk store.  Memories Rendered is the name of it.  We must have spent every bit of two hours in there.  I found another vintage Pyrex mixing bowl, a FireKing casserole and the most awesomest of 70's glassware, a smiley face glass!  We had so much fun going through all that stuff!

We finally got to Tybee around 3:00 and as soon as we checked in at the hotel, we hit the beach! 

We ate supper at StingRay's, had some awesome crab legs and Low Country boil and listened to a very good Jimmy Buffet impersonator performing outside.  

Saturday night, I got a message on Facebook from my childhood friend, Brenda (Cox) Northern, who now lives in Tybee, and she said she wanted to come see us!  So she did!  She came to our hotel room and we all sat and talked for a long time.  It was so good to see her again! 

Sunday morning, we got up really early and watched the sun come up.  I have always loved the beach.  Ever since I was a baby girl and Mama and Daddy would take me and my brother to Florida every summer.  I feel pulled by the sea and I believe that the ocean is God's greatest creation.  I joke that He just showed OUT the day He separated land and water but seriously, if you have any doubt that there is a God, go spend some time at the sea.

It is without a doubt my happy place and where I feel closest to my God.

We went to the sweetest little Baptist church for Sunday morning worship.  Chapel By The Sea.  We loved everything about it and I was reminded of that little Baptist church I grew up in, from the hymns they sang to the quietly ushering out of the children for Children's Church just before the sermon began.  I loved it.  We were welcomed so warmly and they even sat us next to a sweet little couple from Warner Robins!  Both retired from the base and now living at Tybee.  Such a wonderful, loving experience.

Larry had the best time feeding the birds!  He fed them off the balcony of our room and he fed them several times on the beach.

Peace, love and the ocean! 

Sunday after church, we had lunch at The Crab Shack where I had the best clam chowder I've ever had!  We played with and talked to the exotic birds and the many kitties they have there and looked around in the gift shop.  Then we went over to the lighthouse and were disappointed that it was closed to the public for painting but we took a bunch of pictures and hung out at the Battery Garland at Fort Screven.

We hit some surf shops after that then went back to the beach for a while before we started home.  

We took long walks on the beach and laughed so much, my face ached.  Sandy toes, salty kisses and wind in your hair.  I just don't believe it gets any better than that.

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