Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday morning

After I made my first ever frittata for Larry for breakfast this morning and quickly decided that I need some sort of frittata pan (like this one!) so that his future frittatas don't look like scrambled eggs trying to be omelets, I got ready for church and tended my growing family of flower babies.  I just love spring!  I love growing flowers and this year, I'm so excited about our vegetables and herbs.  I never had much luck at the condo growing things so I have really high hopes of having a bountiful harvest all summer!

The cucumbers are the biggest in the pot!  We haven't had to water a single thing in days.  Lots and lots of rain.  April showers, right??  We should have some beauties come May!!

Here I am pruning my petunias.  :)

They are really growing!  And I'm still loving that pink flower pot!

I took this picture of Larry and Banjo with Tabbie Hoffman totally photobombing at the front door!  Ha!  I love all three of my boys!  And isn't Larry SO handsome??  Oh my!!

I am absolutely bringin' booty back in my tie-dyed skirt but y'all ain't heard that from me.  ;)

We got a new living room rug!  I just love it. 

Larry wrote this message for me when he started pressure washing the house.  It's been raining so much he hasn't been able to finish but if we get a sunny day this coming week, he will and I thought I'd better get a picture of it before it's gone.


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  1. Cucumbers, petunias and booty poppin' out all over the Schneider homestead! Ginger has a magical way of turning the ordinary into paisley dreams and bell-bottomed sunshine. I try to keep up, to learn, to absorb, and get a rush just imagining what she'll whip up next in her caldron of wonder. Being married to this woman is like owning the ice cream truck! Larry