Saturday, April 18, 2015

Weekend finds!

We found this 1960's J&G Meakin Maori coffee set at a yard sale for $5!  There's a set right now on eBay that would cost you $65 to get from England.  I just loved it.  It was covered in pollen and dirt and in a box in their garage.  It cleaned up nice!  :)

Larry got this set of fun vintage TV trays for $5 at a moving sale yesterday.  We love eating on TV trays!  Reminds us of our childhoods.

He got this jumbo pinwheel for FREE at that same moving sale.  I put it in our little garden to act as a scarecrow.  All this rain we've had this week has really made our peppers and squash grow.  The grass, too.  Ha!

 I just loved this little kitty garden flag.

We got a late start this morning because I was super tired and I slept in but I still managed to find a few things!  I will put those flower pots to good use!  And I was happy to find another baby planter to add to my collection.

I was really happy to find this 1950's Hazel Atlas Green Ivy bowl at the antique store today!!  They are having their annual spring sale this weekend and they're giving away a gorgeous vintage English hall tree tomorrow that I so hope we win!!

And this vintage kid's carousel drinking glass was just too cute to leave behind!

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