Tuesday, July 1, 2014

It's gone!

A few years ago, a guy moved in next door and he brought his monstrosity of an RV with him.  I have hated that thing every. single. day. since.

It blocked the sunshine on my flowers, it blocked our view of the street, it even blocked the toilet a time or two (okay, well, maybe not the toilet but you get the picture.  HATED.)

He turned out to be a pretty decent neighbor, quiet and friendly, and we never really saw that much of him.  He came over one night last week and told Larry he was going back home to West Virginia and we could get anything we wanted from his house.  Since our little house is already furnished to the max, we didn't get anything but a redwood picnic table and a weight set.  I set up a yard sale for him last Saturday, though, and listed it online and everything.  Since we were going to Atlanta, we really couldn't help him with the sale.  And he didn't sell anything.  :(

Anyway, he pulled out this morning!  I'm a little sad to see him go but I ain't sad AT ALL to see that RV go!!

Let's hope our next neighbor drives a Prius.