Monday, June 30, 2014

A sweet weekend

We went up to Roswell Saturday morning to attend the birthday party of our little granddaughter, Emma, who will be three tomorrow.  We had so much fun!  Larry did a great job decorating with streamers and he had the best time swinging and playing with his granddaughters.

I snapped this one of him and Elizabeth in deep conversation.  :)


Here's Emma with the present we brought her.  She and Elizabeth were so funny holding on to their gifts all day!  They couldn't wait to tear into them.  Emma had the side of this one torn away before the party even started.


Blowing out her candles!

I finally got to go to Trader Joe's Saturday, too!  There's one five miles away in Sandy Springs so we went!  I was so excited!  We don't have any TJ's down here in central Georgia and seriously, I need to go talk to somebody about that.  We got some really cool stuff and I was so impressed with how clean the store was, the prices, the selections, pretty much everything!  It was all I'd ever dreamed of and more.  Ha!  We got sunflower seed bread, orange marmalade, fine sea salt, pasta, pita chips, barbecue sauce, environmentally responsible laundry detergent, recycled toilet paper, hippie body wash and soap and a bunch of other stuff.  I was just throwing stuff in the buggy!  We got their baked green pea snacks called Inner Peas, too.  And I picked up three reusable shopping bags, too.  I cannot wait to go back.

We stopped on the way home and picked up that king-sized bed we've been talking about for months, brought it home and set it up.  And slept so goooood that night!  We were just worn slap out.  We love our new bed!  Every time we go to the beach, we get a room with a king and we've been saying for months that we were going to get one and so we finally did.  We still have lots of room when Banjo gets in bed with us and promptly turns sideways between us.  :)  Now I'm on a quest to find vintage king sheets!

Speaking of, we found time to hit a few yard sales this weekend, too!  At one estate/moving sale, I found these awesome vintage pieces!  A mushroom oil and vinegar set and three gorgeous green tumblers.  Y'all.  $1 for the mushroom set and $1 for the glasses (all three!).  Wow.  I got the glasses with the intention of reselling them but I kinda like 'em too much.  I found them online and they're from the 1960's and were made by Bartlett-Collins Manhattan.  And they're worth a lot more than the dollar I paid for them!  Larry says I have an eye for that kind of thing.  I just know what I like and I get really excited at estate sales when I find things like this that have been packed away for years, unloved and forgotten.  I can't wait to see what we find next!

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  1. So happy about ya'lls visit and enjoying the two granddaughters.Love the mushroom oil and vinegar set and that you finally got to go to Trader Joe's .Thanks for sharing with us. love ya'll.