Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super weekend

Saturday was Ami's birthday and we had a little party for her at Mama and Daddy's house.  We stopped off at The Party Store before we left town and picked her up some birthday balloons and Larry picked out a Birthday Girl ribbon for her to wear.  He'd already been to Books-A-Million and got her the entire set of V. C. Andrews' Flowers In The Attic books.  I read them as a teenager and passed them and the story down to her.  She mentioned wanting to read them again as an adult, with adult perspective, and I thought that was a great idea.  I might do that, too.

Before we got to the party, I took Larry on a little tour of Montezuma and Oglethorpe and showed him a little bit of my hometown(s).  I was born in Montezuma but raised in Oglethorpe so I claim both of them.  I love that Montgomery Gentry song, My Town.  I agree with Eddie Montgomery.  No matter where you go in this world, you always take a little piece of your hometown in your heart.  I couldn't wait to show Larry where I keep all my yesterdays.  I've been telling Larry about Troy's for 25 years so we had to go there, even though we were going to eat and have cake and ice cream at Ami's party!  I ordered two double all-the-way, two double chili cheese and a chicken breast dinner.  You just ain't lived until you've had a double all-the-way Troy Burger.  Larry's now a believer  :)  I took him to the high school, too, and when I saw the condition of it, I almost cried.  Nobody is taking care of it and parts of it are in horrible shape.  What is going on in Montezuma?  When I went there from 1981-1985, we took pride in that school.  Coach Peaster demanded it.  We were angsty teenagers and naturally we hated school and couldn't wait to get out of there but we respected it, both the building and the people inside it.  Something is terribly wrong now and it makes me very sad.  And the sign outside the football field that prohibits "excessive walking around" during a game??  What??  That's what you do!  You walk around during the games.  We sure did.  That was the best part!  I've said a thousand times that I would have loved to have lived in simpler times, in better times.  Well, I DID.  I did live in simpler, better times.  When I was a kid, growing up in Macon County, Georgia.  I didn't appreciate it then but I sure do now.  

We enjoyed having our LizzieBean with us Saturday!  Here she is in Larry's lap.  He was blowing in her face and she loved it!

Since Sunday was the Super Bowl and since I couldn't care less about the game but I love my Larry more than life itself, I made him some Super Bowl snacks.  He didn't really care about the outcome but he was pulling for Denver because he's a big fan of Peyton Manning.  Well, we all know how it turned out.  It was actually painful at times to watch.  And the commercials were a huge disappointment for me, too.

Anyway, I made a spread!  Chili cheese sausage dip and little smoked sausages in the crock pots, a bacon ranch cheese ball and crackers and lemon pepper and buffalo wings.  And we had our Sunday Cake.  Larry wanted another German chocolate so that's what we had.

Super fun, super yummy weekend!


  1. Sounds like a delicious weekend! I was telling your story yesterday.

    1. Awwww, thanks!! I'm looking forward to seeing y'all in March. You still coming??

    2. We are hoping to! I think we're aiming for the weekend around St. Patrick's day.

  2. Thanks for you sharing with us. When you and Ami put our family gatherings in print,they seem so muchmore to us . I am so happy for you and Larry and the joy you share with all of us. Love you.