Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A little southern snow

After a very long wait yesterday watching the skies and grumbling about having just rain (well, that was mostly me doing the grumbling), we finally got our snow last night!  A few minutes before 9:00, that cold rain changed to sleet and at 9:00 on the dot, huge, beautiful flakes started to fall.  Here's Larry out in it just after it started, in his shorts and flip flops!  He's filming me taking a picture of him. :)

We were home all day yesterday since both the base and the college were closed due to the bad weather that was coming.  Atlanta was a mess!  The snow came earlier and harder than they had expected.  We felt so bad for those folks who were stranded and stayed in prayer for them.

Once we had some snow on the ground, we gathered some up for a big bowl of snow ice cream.  It was delicious!  And it was Larry's idea to add raisins and cinnamon.  Yummm.

We made a snowman head, too.  Good thing we did because today, the snow was so dry that it was almost impossible to form a good snowball.

And then we had the best snowball fight in the house!  We were laughing so hard, we could hardly even throw.  I hit Larry so many times in the back and he hit me once under my eye and then it was ovah.  :)

This morning we got up and let Tabbie Hoffman go outside to check out his first snow.  He wasn't afraid of it at all.  But he was ready to go back in pretty quick!

We bundled up and got out and walked around our yard and neighborhood and I took over 80 pictures!  Everything was so beautiful and peaceful.

 Icicles hanging off our house

 I love this picture of Larry in the "wilderness".  :)

Hand to God, he told me to hit him in the face.  
How could I say no to my beloved?  :)

 This picture got some giggles on Facebook.  The perspective makes me look like a little person.  Larry said he had him a little hobbit girl.  :)

I was so very happy to be able to share these two snow days with him!  Now I'm ready for a little sunshine and a warm up!

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