Sunday, February 9, 2014

Do what makes you happy

Yesterday, Larry and I went on a shopping spree!  Thursday is our 15th wedding anniversary and of course, Friday is Valentine's Day so we did our shopping together.  That way you get what you really want, right? 

Larry's birthday is the 24th, too, and I already knew I wanted to get him a new watch.  We found a beautiful gold Seiko at Belk.  On sale, too!

We started out getting haircuts and he got his beard trimmed.  His very first time in a salon!  I got a few layers cut into my hair.  Not too much of a change.  Just enough to not make me cuss when I'm trying to fix my hair.  During the week, it's fine since I wear a ponytail to work but on the weekends, I wear it down and it was starting to really make me talk ugly.  I have extremely fine hair and it will not hold a style to save its hide.  Never has, except for that period in my life that I completely lost my everlovin' mind and got a perm every three months.  We probably shouldn't go there, though.  The girl who cut my hair yesterday did her job and sold me some foamy gel to go along with my new haircut.  Some stuff called Blow It Up.  Absolutely fitting for how I feel when I try to fix my hair.  Blow. It. Slap. UP.  :)  It's good stuff, though!  I love it!!  

We each got some new church clothes and a couple of shirts a piece and Larry got some jeans and a belt.  And an absolutely beautiful aqua blue paisley tie.  I just fell in love with that thing the moment I saw it.  And when I held it up to him and saw how it made his eyes just pop, he had to have it.  He bucked a little when he saw the price tag, but it was on sale!  Plus 20% off!  Plus it makes your eyes pop!  He couldn't say no to that.  Or me.  :)

I got some Clinique Happy for my Valentine's present and since Belk was having their Clinique bonus time, I got that, too.  My anniversary present was a pair of Skecher's GoWalk shoes that I've been wanting ever since Brian, Ami and I went to Stone Mountain in October and stopped at Tanger Outlet on the way for a bathroom break.  Ami and I saw those shoes in the window at the Skechers store and we both said how comfortable they looked.  And they are!  They're like not even having shoes on at all.  And y'all know how I like that.  I put them on right then in the store and wore them the rest of the day.  

We picked up a few more albums, too.  We're getting quite a collection!  Larry had hundreds of albums when he was younger but lost them all so we're trying to replace some of them.  No way can we get them all back but the ones we can get, we're going to get.  We got Carole King's Tapestry.  One of my favorites.  We have it on CD but there's something about that crackly vinyl sound.  A CD cannot compare with that.  Larry told me that he bought this album as a soldier boy in Germany in 1971 and it was one that was lost to him.  Well, now it's found.

When we got back out to the truck with all of our purchases, Larry found a little blue card under the windshield wiper and on it was written, "Do what makes you happy".  We thought that was so appropriate because that was exactly what we were doing!  We were spending the day together.  A day that was still way out of our reach this time a year ago.  We looked around and the car behind us had a card as well.  What a sweet, thoughtful gesture somebody made!  We were both so touched by that.  It's behind a magnet on our refrigerator right now.

We had such a great day!  And today, Larry felt the Holy Spirit tugging at him at church and he made the decision to join our church!  I went down to the altar with him and when our pastor introduced us to the congregation, he told them, "If you get to know this couple, you will find that they are a delight."  How sweet that was.  Everyone came around and shook our hands and welcomed Larry to the church family.  

Right now, I can hear the power saw out in the backyard.  Larry's building a work bench for his shop.  

Another wonderful weekend. 

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  1. What a neat day! Yes, do what makes you happy. Tapestry. I like to torture Mike with that album. ;-)