Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday fun!

I hope today is my last Friday off.  I am supposed to go back to full-time status at work tomorrow.  I've been part time since New Year's Eve!  If I go back to 40 hours as of Monday, I'll have exactly three weeks before the furloughs start and then I'll be back to 32 hours like everybody else.  :)  But more hours and more money sounds goooood to me!  This girl got stuff to do.  Larry will be home in just a little over six months now!  Time is going by SO FAST!!!  He's still doing great. He's about to get his drivers license and start college and by the grace of God, the VA is going to pay for him to go to school and after he's been at the Refuge for four months, he can get a job and he's had an offer already!  We even talked about him buying a vehicle.  I'm leaning him toward a pickup.  :)  And just last week, Larry stopped traffic and helped save a mama duck and her babies that had gotten on the median and couldn't safely get away. That's a sweet boy I have, I tell ya!  Things are absolutely wonderful and everything seems to be falling into place.  God continues to bless us every single day.  We don't deserve a bit of it but we are so thankful for it!!
Here I am waiting for Belinda for lunch!

For my hopefully last Friday off, I met my friend, Belinda, at Casa Mexico out on Highway 96 for lunch and then we went to see The Internship, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  What a hilarious movie!  The two of them play 40-something traveling salesmen whose jobs become obsolete by the internet.  They apply as interns at Google and have to compete with hundreds of 20-year-old computer whizzes just to land a handful of jobs.  Google is such an awesome company to work for!  Free food and drinks, nap pods, exercise and play time, laundry facilities, free haircuts, on-site medical care, the list goes on and on.  The nap pods are what sold me!  Can you imagine??  The movie was great and I really, really liked all the 80's throwbacks in it!  And the quidditch game left me sore from laughing so hard.  I even cried a little at the end.  I loved it!!

This was THE. BEST. guacamole I have ever had!!

It was so good, I had to get me some more!!  :)  And I got the grilled chicken fajita quesadilla and it was ridonk.  Amazing.  Out of this world.  Most yum.

AND I'd ordered a pair of jeans a whole size too small to motivate me and I tried 'em on today when they came in the mail and they already fit!!  

I hope today was my last Friday off but with Fridays like this one, I won't be mad if it wasn't.  :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun day! Meal looks yummy and no wonder you got seconds. You will adjust to any schedule they put you on. love you!