Sunday, June 23, 2013

Birthday goodies!!

I got a big box of goodies yesterday that Larry sent me for my birthday!  I had to wait until I had him on the phone today to open them.  Well, I didn't have to, that's just what we always do.  This is the LAST birthday we'll ever have to do that!!  Yay!!  I cannot wait to get him home.

He found me a bunch of little vintage treasures and I love them all!

Papa Smurf, an adorable Ty bunny named Spencer, a 1980 commemorative Georgia Bulldogs national championship Coke bottle, the little Taco Bell chihuahua, Minnie Mouse with a tiny Mickey keeping her company, the most precious little yarn clown that I have ever seen and two Beanie Babies that I didn't have.  And one's a birthday Beanie!

I put Minnie and little Mickey beside our wedding cake topper.  They like it there.  :)

And Spencer the bunny found a home among some of his peeps on a shelf.

 That adorable little handmade clown!!  I just love her.

How cute are these little folk artsy chickens, milk bottle, barrel and bucket??  They are right at home in the kitchen.

And he packed them all in this eco-friendly shopping bag.  He liked the 0% plastic part.  Me, too.  :)

Happy Birthday to meeeee!! 


  1. Spoiled girl to have a hubs that takes care of you and remembers the "little things" that make you happy!

  2. What a party you will have next year. :-)

    1. I already told him he's taking me to the beach next year! I found us a little beach house to stay in and everything. :)