Wednesday, June 6, 2012

To comfort and keep you

I've been around pretty much the whole time, almost.  I used to tell people that Mama and Daddy got married on the 6th of June and I was born the 24th.  I assure you that my mama did not find one thing funny about that at all.  They did and I was, but two years later.

They were my first loves and I learned how to love from them.  

Having known these two for 45 years, I can tell you that when they said their vows on that sunny, late spring day in June of '65, they were serious.  See??  Look at their faces.  Serious.

They love, they honor, they comfort and keep.

There's a quote I saw somewhere online (probably Pinterest!) and when I read it, I just cried.  This is so true for me (and my sister). 

The greatest thing a daddy can do for his daughter is to love her mama.

So simple, yet so powerful.  I have no doubt that our daddy adores our mama and she him.  I am so blessed to have been born to these two beautiful people that I love with all of my heart.

Happy 47th, Mama and Daddy!!  Y'all still look just the same!! 


  1. That is so sweet . But you three children make that love complete along with the three added children ya'll gave us ,plus the two grandkids and now our first great grand baby due in September.That adds to our life so much. Love all of you

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  3. How very special. Mike and I look very serious in our photos--I'm glad we're not the only ones. :-)