Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Thanks to Facebook, I got wished a happy birthday about 130 times!  Well, I stopped counting somewhere around there.  Awesome.  

I spent the day with Larry, the absolute sweetest thing in my life.  I truly don't deserve him.  I got told that by a friend not too long ago.  After meeting him a few weeks ago, she said, "Larry is so sweet.  You don't deserve him!"  I busted out laughing because he has always told me that he doesn't deserve me.  I think we both got lucky.

He sang "Happy Birthday" to me and hid a little drawing he did of the two of us under our pile of snacks so when we got to the bottom of the pile, there it was.  See, sweet.  I told you.  And then he tried to throw it away the rest of the day 'cause he's a dang young'un sometimes, too.  :)  He drew his hands on my face 'cause he does that a lot and then I kiss his palm.  He likes that.  And he also drew stubble on his face 'cause I like that!!! 

He sent me a couple of cards this week, too.  This one he made for me.  Awwwww!   

Mama and Daddy sent me this card and a pretty pair of silver hoop earrings.  Daddy drew a little airplane inside the card!!  So cute.

My birthday cupcake! 
Mama and Daddy sent it home with me last Sunday and I kept it in the fridge all week.  It was actually still good and moist today!  Not at all like year-old wedding cake.  Ha!

I had a wonderful weekend.  I saw Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter yesterday and loved it!  It is so well-written and acted.  I went in there thinking it'd be silly but I was surprised.  It was gory, funny and pretty close to history.  Well, kinda.  We didn't win battles against the North because we had vampires on our side.  At least I don't think we did.  :)  I really wanted to yell at Abe at the end, "Don't go to the theater!".

I came home to these two little guys today.  Golden Birthday Mushrooms in my front yard.  It was a great day.


  1. Happy you had such a GOOD day.
    Hope every day after this one is just as happy for ya!

    LUV ya

  2. Sounds just wonderful. You are one blessed woman!