Saturday, June 16, 2012

OLD friends are best!

An old friend of mine was passing through this weekend and we got together today for an eatin' meetin' and got all caught up!  I hadn't seen him in seven or eight years and he was in the area with his teenaged twin sons, Avery and Austin, for a baseball tournament.  They play FOUR games this weekend!

We went to Cheddar's and I got this amazing Roasted Pear Spring Mix salad with grilled chicken.  ZOMG.

Avery is second from left and Austin's at the end of the table.

Here are the cutie patootie ball players!  I took this pic of them when all four of them had their cell phones out.  I thought that was so funny!  I still don't have a smart phone and one reason is I'm afraid I will be so totally dependent on it that I won't ever put it down.  I know how I am.  Y'all think I'm on Facebook a lot NOW.  Ha!  


I've known Donnie since we were babies.  He moved away when we were in elementary school but we've tried to stay in touch over the years.  Here he is with his Chinese friend today.  I don't know who she is but she had my Cookie Monster shirt on.  :)

We had such a great time just sitting and talking and catching up.  But I just couldn't let the opportunity pass by to remind him of the time he pushed me off the porch into the rose bushes when we were five.  And how he got his tail tore up for it by his mama with his Hot Wheels race track.  And then he had to tease me about being so much older than he is.  I'll be 45 next Sunday, he'll be 45 a week later.  One week!!  He's done this as long as I can remember.  He should be so lucky to be this purty when he's as old as me.  Ha!

It was great seeing you, Donnie!!  Hope y'all win tonight!!

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  1. Sounds FUN....glad it happened for you both.
    Those twins are somethin else, yea? LUV 'em.
    Yes, Mama was famous w/that race track....all 3 boys remember that thing!!!OMG....
    Thanks for takin the pics....

    Old friends are GOLDEN....just sayin