Friday, June 29, 2012

Pink weekend

Normally, pink is my favorite color.  

I LOVE summer.  It's hell that I'm not real crazy about.  We're in for a triple-digit weekend and it just hit us all of a sudden.  We had the mildest June that I can remember.  Cool mornings and upper 80's in the afternoon.  Just WEDNESDAY, I was wrapped up in a sweatshirt for roll call at work!

Today, however, felt like the devil had eaten habaneros for lunch.

I was lucky enough to be somewhere air conditioned for most of the day today, though.  And it was HOTTTT in that hangar OMG.  We have air conditioning in thin plastic ducts that run up and over the top of the plane but when it's 100 degrees plus and both hangar doors are open, what's the point??  It's really just wasting electricity.  But lemme tell ya, this girl has learned how to plug up, hook up and turn on that huge van-sized air conditioner and cut holes in that duct!  

The supervisors grilled steaks for us today and us girls, few that we are, did the girl thing and set everything up, made the baked beans and grilled Vidalia onions, took everything over to where we were going to be meetin' and eatin' and cut the 28 cakes and pies that we had for dessert.  And then we cleaned up afterwards.  You know, the girl thing.  While the guys did the guy thing.  Worked on the airplanes.  Ha!

Along with our steak, the beans and grilled onions, we had potato salad, rolls and roasted ears of corn.  I made Dr. Patrenos' world-famous brown sugar brownies and they got gone quick.  We had apple pies, peach pies, five chocolate cakes, pound cakes, red velvet cake, a candy bar cake, key lime pies, peanut butter pies, blueberry cobbler, apple blueberry crisp, 'nana puddin', cookies, cupcakes, pretty much if you wanted it, we had it.

We got praise for working so hard and I had to stifle a giggle at that.  We do our work but we do not work hard.  The routine out there has taken some getting used to.  What with the breaks and pre breaks and after breaks, I've never seen anything like it.  Plus they give us three hours a week to go work out at the gym.  I'm not knocking it by no means, it's just different.  A whole new wonderful different world.  :)

So I was happy to know that we're doing a good job, getting the planes out on schedule, rewiring them right so that they don't crash.  That's a biggie.  :)   We're the best of the best and I'm excited that they are letting ME be a part of that.

It's stupid hot, y'all.  Stay safe out there, ya hear??  Check on your pets and the old folks.


  1. FUN @ unusual is that!!
    Happy you had a gooooood day. Noone doubts your abilities to perform our job---just KNOW that. :)
    Don't ever miss a deserve them, girl.
    Us old folks KNOW to stay inside.....
    We actually prefer the inside temps...hahaha

    LUV ya


    *correction ---YOUR job.....I don't even want yo job.LOL
    Guess, even inside it's toooo hot to make sense of words!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Glad you had a great day and that you can be comfortable where you work and that makes me feel better. Take care and have a cool weekend somewhere. Love you

  4. The hot spell is all the way up here, as you know, but maybe we'll be conditioned for it when we go to Hotlanta and down to see you in six weeks. :-) Stay cool today!