Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wingin' it

Dis where I work now.  My dang cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

I'm just on Day Two and I still have five more days of orientation and then another 7-10 days of training before I even get started on my actual JOB but I'm just so tickled, I 'bout can't stand it.

My actual job will be in the Maintenance Wing on the flightline and I'll be working in the F-15 rewire shop.

Can you believe that?  A girl who, until three years ago, had never done anything but make loans to people and then aggravate the stew out of them until they paid her back.

I got out at lunch today and just drove around, trying to get familiar with streets and places and stuff to do.  There is SO much going on and so many activities to get involved in, classes we can take, things and services that are available to us as government employees, I've never seen anything like it.  They gave us a map and I spread it out on the seat beside me and just drove around today, all the while thinking how I'll be zipping around that place in no time!  It's all new and HUGE and strange and wonderful but it won't take me long to find my way around.  And it'll still be wonderful.  :)

We've had two days of briefings and have collected quite a stack of paperwork, brochures and information that we'll need to make our time on base easier and more efficient.  They have this new employee thing down to a science and I have been so impressed.

Oh, and I LOVE their efforts to be green.  They have recycling barrels all over for plastic bottles and they also recycle paper, plastic, aluminum cans and cardboard.  AND nearly all of the outside benches and tables are made from recycled plastics AND they compost.  I totally heart them already.

They give you three hours a week fitness leave so you can go work out at the gyms there and I intended to take FULL advantage of that until I actually got to see the building I'll be working in today.  I drove out there after we were dismissed to see if I could find it and maybe talk to somebody out there.  I got one of the supervisors who works IN my building and he showed it to me.  He pointed to it.  It's way out there on the runway.  A mile from the parking lot.  Where my car will be.

I'll be skinny as a rail by June.  :D


  1. Congratulations, again! It sounds pretty ideal, working for The Man. Ginger the Riveter.

  2. Better get a good raincoat if you are that far from thr parking area. Glad you found the building you were looking for. Hope everything works out. Know you have been waiting for this. Love you