Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Oh the stories she could tell...

I found this precious little wooden Japanese doll at the base thrift shop today and I just HAD to have her! I immediately fell in love with her sweet little face. :)  She just seemed to call out to me.

I found myself wondering where she'd been, how many tables she'd sat on, how many times she'd been dropped or thrown by a child, how many times she'd been wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a box and moved, across the country, across the world?  I know she originated in Japan because she still has a little Japanese sticker on her bottom.

I named her Yoko, not just 'cause I love John Lennon but because one of the meanings of Yoko is "ocean child" or "foreign child".  She traveled across the ocean and now she's home.


  1. Very pretty....treasures can be found, IF you're looking!!
    I know you'll enjoy her.........

  2. That little doll is at peace now in your hands. I am glad you found her. Love you